3D Foundations: Work Schedule

M 8/27 Intro/Supplies/Syllabus

  • We will watch this video in class together:
  • We will read The Student Side of Making in class together.
  • Review and define Elements of Design Work Sheet
      • Bring your laptop as we’ll be looking through some of the documents for next class such as
        • Discuss the article The Student Side of Making
        • defining the elements of design PDF
          • MAKE sure to define these terms in your sketchbook or in some way
      •  Reviewing student Eportfolios and the documents posted for review. All the info is there even if you were not in attendance today.

W 8/29 Review The Elements of Design

M 9/3 No Class

W 9/5

  • Bring in sketch book
  • Bring in your four types of thinking sheet you did for last class.
  • Review wire components
  • Review 6 ways to create the illusion of depth in a drawing.
  • PROJECT: Drawing Depth in Space
      • create 10 textures using corrugated cardboard
      • MAKE SURE to read Ch. 1 of The Theory Toolbox and then answer the question: “In what ways do you think ‘theory’ could be useful to a studio art class?”
      • Have steps 1-3 done in your sketchbook for Drawing Depth in Space
        • have 4 thumbnails (using 1 page for each in your sketchbook) for class on 9/10

M 9/10 Idea Development

  • Discuss Ch. 1 of The Theory Toolbox and answer the question: “In what ways do you think ‘theory’ could be useful to a studio art class?”
  • review cardboard textures
    • Start to create an organic planar form that is not grounded incorporating cardboard and texture studies
  • Drawing exercise review
    • Homework:
      • Read Ch. 2 of The Theory Toolbox and choose one of the Working Questions (from within the chapter or from the end of the chapter) and answer it in your sketchbook.
      • Create a drawing for an organic planar form using cardboard and texture studies that is not grounded
      • Have a final thumbnail draft of your Drawing in Space project

W 9/12  

  • Review drawings of organic planar form using cardboard and texture studies
  • Discuss Ch. 2 of The Theory Toolbox and choose one of the Working Questions (from within the chapter or from the end of the chapter) and answer it in your sketchbook.
  • Work on Drawing Depth in Space project
  • Work on building Cardboard forms
    • Homework:
      • Read Ch. 3 of The Theory Toolbox and then choose one of the Working Questions (from within the chapter or from the end of the chapter) and answer it in your sketchbook.
      • create final version of Drawing depth in Space for final critique on 11″X 14″ paper

M 9/17

  • Drawing in Space Due
    • critique drawings in space
  • Discuss Theory Toolbox

W 9/19

  • Project: Elements of Design Suit 
  • Blank picture of Suit for Maquette
  • Break into groups to discuss potential suit elements and design
    • Homework:
      • choose ONE of your themes and create 3 suit maquettes (front and back for 6) for that one theme
      • review Theory toolbox
      • post the link to your eport post on Drawing in Space project in the course Moodle  page(under assignments) by 5pm Friday September 21st
      • review and answer Study Guide for Theory Toolbox

M 9/24

  • review 3 suit ideas
    • choose one and start!
  • Discuss theory toolbox reading
    • Written assignment: What are your three main take aways from these readings?
  • Suit Work day
  • Homework:
    • Work on Suit
    • Work on draft of Theory Toolbox write up.

W 9/26

  • Working critique of suits (should have composition mapped out)
  • Suit work day
    • Homework
      • complete suit
      • Explain your three main “walkaway” points from our Theory Toolbox discussions and readings for you as an artist.
        • Post to Moodle Assignments

M 10/1 

  • Suits due for critique
  • how to photo 3D work discussion and practice (take images of suits with an SLR camera)
  • Inflatable solid plastic form construction.
    • Homework:
      • have inflatable form ready for 10/3
      • work on getting post of Project #2: Suit onto eport
        • remember to use ePort Suggestions in posting your assignment page
        • your eport should have the following characteristics so look at you eport checklist here.

W 10/3

  • Review this: 3 Forms and then make a new post and do drawings for Project #3: Three Cubes
  • Work on composition
  • Paper Assignment
    • Tips for Writing the Paper
    • Artist/Articles for your paper need to be posted to Moodle discussion on Artist/Articles.
    • Homework:
      • Tyvek suit Project posted to Moodle by 5pm Friday
      • review these articles on the history of video in the visual arts

M 10/8

  • Indigenous People Day 

W 10/10

M 10/15

  • Discuss narrative, go over fieldwork #1 and work on fieldwork #2.
  • Video capture and getting the images needed.
    • Homework: Create Storyboards in consideration of field works #1 and #2

W 10/17

  • Review Storyboards and discuss in class
  • Non- linear video editing discussion and workday
    • Homework: work on shooting video, editing

M 10/22:

W 10/24: Moldmaking

M 10/29

  • Clay vessel making demo
  • Clay workday/complete molds

W 10/31

  • Sketches of ideas
  • Clay Work Day
      • check on your clay work over the weekend to make sure it doesn’t dry too much.
      • make a minimum of 3-4 casts of each object.
      • review and be familiar with the ceramic terminology

M 11/5

  • Clay Work Day
    • Homework:
      • Have piece completed and in the greenware stage for critique next class.
      • review and be familiar with the ceramic terminology

W 11/7

  • Sketches in class
  • Walk to Lamson Library to see room 031. 
  • Homework:
    • Photogrammetry – review this and come to the next class with a simple object (no action figures, cars, dolls, etc) that we will create a 3D model of using SLR cameras during the next class.
    • Download Meshmixer onto your computer for next class and EXPERIMENT with the program. Try importing the bunny and seeing how you can change it!
    • Review Project #6: Digital 3D printing
      • There are several tutorials you need to watch in this outline so make sure to do that!    

M 11/12 VETERANS DAY No Class

W 11/14

    • Make sure to bring your own computer
    • some fairly simple free standing objects (1-2) between the size of a golf ball and a medium sized water bottle to make a 3D scan of in ReCap

M 11/19

  • Work on 3D print images
  • Clay objects out of the kilns and ready to paint


  • No Class

M 11/26

  • Review final 3D print objects and send to PSU printer using these directions
  • Discuss final surface application for ceramic objects using acrylic paint

W 11/28

  • Begin painting ceramics pieces
    • Sketch out ideas in color prior

M 12/3

  • Critique of Project #5:
  • Photograph work
  • Eport post due Friday December 7th by 5pm

W 12/5

  • Course evaluation: bring your computer!
  • 3D studio cleanup and organization
  • watch Saving Banksy
  • last chances for questions on Eports
  • Final Quiz opens on Moodle

Final Exam Date/Time:

8am class: Monday, December 10 from 8:00 – 10:30 AM

12pm class: Monday, December 10 from 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM

  • Critique 3D print project
  • All work Photographed and on ePorts by 5pm Friday December 14th. Due to fair grading policy no late work can be accepted after the final.
  • Final Quiz closes at 5pm Friday December 14th.