Assignment #1: Ideology Post

Ideology Research 

Due Monday October 2nd 11:15 am Posted as a Blog 

You are to choose a contemporary artist whose work you appreciate/admire/think is phenomenal and discuss what you see as being the Ideology behind their work in your first Blog post. This can be about a specific body of work, series, based on their writings, or writings about them. This artist need to: 

  • Be alive and born after 1950 
  • have made work in the last 10 years 
  • have ample available resources to view online, in print, or at some venue. 

Your post needs to: 

  • be 40% web and 60% library (periodicals, books, journals) based bibliography 
  • 700-800 words  
  • Contain viewable images of works you are discussing 

This will be graded on the following: 




10 pts 
  • Start the paper with an interesting and focused thesis that outlines the paper. “Jasper Johns was an expressive painter.” doesn’t make the viewer want to read further. 


  • each paragraph has a topic sentence that is explained 
  • paragraphs relate to topic 



  • summarizes and synthesizes arguments 
  •  is interesting and makes the reader think 
Description  20pts 
  • Clearly describe specific pieces 
  • Use descriptive language and terms  
Critique  20pts 
  • clearly articulate your thoughts and interpretations of the individual’s ideology 
Grammar  10pts 
  • no sentence or word fragments 
  • no punctuation, spelling, or blatant errors 
  • clear statements and sentences  



Bibliography  5pts 
  • quotes formatted correctly in MLA format 
  •  all sources cited in bibliography 






  • Use a minimum of two sources from art journals  
  • sources are integrated effectively into the post 
      Total Points    



The idea here is to start connecting your work to others in contemporary art. This will be a great starting point. 

Artist and ideology Assignment