Table Manners: Functional Pottery WORK SCHEDULE

Work Schedule Spring 2021

This is the work schedule for the Spring 2021 semester sections of Table Manners: Functional Pottery. Please make sure to check back frequently as this schedule will change as the semester progresses. All assignment outlines are hyperlinked below. Remember, you will need to post all assignments to your Eport and THEN post the hyperlink in the shared Course Excel Document in the appropriate column next to your name. The Course Excel document is located here .

When you look at the Course Excel document you will see which day is your designated Face 2 Face/STUDIO day in the highlighted column to the left of your name. The other class of the week will be online so there are only 6 students in the studio at a time. In the schedule below I have designated all weekly online work in italics so you know what you should be working on during your online day.

Studio Sign up:  

There is a requirement that students work a minimum of 2 hours of studio time outside of class per week. The studios are open from 8am-11pm and are available to you whenever class is not in session. Sign up in ½ hour blocks to reserve your spots. You can do this two ways:   

  1. Reserve your spot in advance using the URL here or the QR code on the door of the room; 
  2. Take a chance and just show up at the Studio and hope there is a spot for you (6 Students at any one time MAX!).  If you do this, use the URL or QR code to sign up when you arrive so that we have a record of your attendance, which is required for the course and which helps with contact tracing for COVID.  

Tips for signing up: 

  • To sign up for slots, scan the QR code on the door of the studio, or just visit this link: (
  • Scroll down the sheet until you get to the bottom where the WEEKS are listed and select the week you’re looking to sign up for. 
  • Want to sign up for regular blocks throughout the semester? Go ahead! Good planning strategy!  
  • Areas darkened out are class times and not available for signup. 
  • Sign up with your friends if you want to work together!
  • Make sure you sign up before entering the room! 
  • IF you decide to roll the dice and show up without reserving a spot in advance, you can only sign up and enter IF THERE ARE LESS THAN 6 PEOPLE IN THE ROOM AND AN OPEN SPOT ON THE SIGN UP SHEET. There is a maximum of 6 people in this studio at a time and you MUST BE SIGNED IN to use the studio! People who have signed up on the sheet get priority when they arrive. If there are 6 people signed up and only 5 in the room, you can go in and work until that sixth person arrives and then, because they reserved the spot, you will need to leave.  Please make this an easy and comfortable arrangement for everyone! 
  • Unfortunately, due to space limitations, people not enrolled in courses are not allowed in the studios this semester.   



Video Tutorials:



February 2 on ZOOM

February 4 on Zoom

  • Art & Design vocabulary review in class
  • Discuss homework for Project #1
  • Homework:
    • Look for 3 handled cups that you find interesting in design and document them electronically for your Eport.
    • Sketches of two handled cups
    • What will these objects be used for?
    • Watch the video here to learn how to construct 2 cylinders and make a slab built cup form.
    • put up a profile image on Zoom
  • Start working on your Eport
    • Guidelines for what your Eport should contain HERE
    • Step by Step Directions for Domain of Ones Own Eport setup can be found HERE
    • There are numerous points of information on setting up your Plymouthcreate Eport site here.
    • Setting up your Creative Commons License happens HERE
    • Once you have established your Eport post the hyperlink for your About Page in the shared course Excel Document in the My First Eport Post column next to your name.
  • Eport FAQ
    • How to make a picture gallery HERE
    • Lost your password?? Go HERE
    • Other issues? Check out the PSU Knowledgebase or contact the help desk at


February 9 & 11

    • review sketches and research for project #1
      • two handled cups and 3 reference images
      • what will these cups be used for?
  • NON Studio day
    • Quiz #2 open on Moodle
    • work on sketches of two handled cups and 3 reference images
    • Work on Eport


February 16 & 18

    • Work on cups that relate adding handles and feet
    • Review Project #1: progress critique
    • Demonstrate darting technique of altering cup forms
    • Discuss and work on project #2
    • Quiz #3 open on Moodle
    • Work on Eport post for Project #1 
    • Historic Pottery Research.
      • Everybody is to research one of the below assigned pottery movements. You will each present briefly in class on March 11th using the blog post on your Eport that goes with it.
      • Make sure to have:
        • the dates they were active and where in the world they existed
        • have 2-3 images of ceramic work from then
        • 3 key points of interest regarding the pottery
        • your observations of one of the works using 3-4 of the Art & Design Terms
        • Submit to course Excel by Friday February 26th
RESEARCH Class 1Class 2
Staffordshire PotteryCanfieldCaruso
Jomon periodCrossGiannozzi
Joseon Period DelaurierPaige
American Belleek EyrichMacNeil
Wedgewood pottery DyckmanTelwani
Mingei Pottery BurnsMessina
Bauhaus Marcolini Goodwin
Rosewood PotteryNielsenPellerin
Mimbres PotteryQueridoSilveira
Deruta Pottery RoyerTobin
Bizen Ware       SextonStephens
Longquan Celadon (Ming Period) YorkeWaterhouse


February 23 & 25

  • Both classes will start on ZOOM for the first 30 minutes. Nick won’t be in the studio but will be available on Zoom for the length of class time. If people have questions, concerns, or need help just pop back into the Zoom meeting! I will also record both Zoom sections for people to review.
  • Work on Project #1 and #2
    • your cups should both have a foot and handle attached by end of the week
    • create texture stamps and texture tile following video tutorial
  • Work on Eport post for Historic research Blog post
  • Work on your Eport post for Project #1:
    • Project Description/assignment
      • Ideation process
      • Sketchbook/Drawings/images of inspiration
      • Material Studies (works in process)
      • Finished Piece and reflections
  • Take Quiz #4 on Moodle
  • Review Project #3
  • Proposed Potters on course Excel document. FIRST TO POST GETS THE MAKER!!! Start research now as it might influence your work and you will need the following info in your post:
    • Brief bio of artist = 15%
    • Images of work and description of process= 15%
    • Outside resources of comparison or contrast = 30%
    • Choose 1 piece by the artist to review using Art & Design Terms (5 terms minimum)40%


March 2 & 4

    • Final revisions and review for project #1 & #2
    • Start Project #3
    • demonstration using underglazes on and refining greenware
    • Research for you potter presentation
    • Work on Eports for Project #1 & #2
    • review firing terminology from Vocabulary & Technical Terms
    • Quiz #5: Bowl Design terminology
    • ATTENTION!! Quizzes #1-#4 will be closed Friday March 5th at 5pm. Quizzes not taken will be figured as a ZERO into your quiz grade average.


March 9 No CLASSES

March 11 ALL Class ONLINE ZOOM

We will on be on Zoom Thursday to review Historic Pottery Research blog posts. We will break into groups and compare and contrast each others research.

    • Review Project #5: Final and create a timeline for your project using dates from this Course Work Schedule.
    • MAKE SURE to have your Proposed Potter presentation in draft form for as we will be reviewing them online on Zoom.


March 16

  • What were similarities in the works produced?
    • Did/could geographic areas they were created in make a difference in the influence between cultures? 
    • How did/could the production periods influence each other?
    • What was the timeline for each period?
  • Quiz #5 on Moodle

March 18

  • Zoom review Eport Posts for Project #1
  • Discuss Final Project #5
  • Discuss Potter Presentation Guidelines and requirements
  • Glaze demonstration


March 23

  • work day
  • discuss press plates and discuss
  • TBA

March 25

  • Glazing bisque ware Demonstration
  • Review how to use art and design terminology
    • Homework:
      • Final Project: Work on Proposal
      • Work on Potter Post:
        • Brief bio of artist = 15%
        • Images of work and description of process= 15%
        • Outside resources of comparison or contrast = 30%
        • Choose 1 piece by the artist to review using Art & Design Terms (5 terms minimum)40%


March 30

  • First Glaze kiln Firing Friday
  • Review Final Project Proposals and dates
  • review final set requirements and deadlines for firings
    • work on Eport posts for projects:
      • #1-3
      • Potter Presentations
      • Update Historic Research post
    • get all required resources incorporated into final project Eport post

April 1

  • Bowls and plates into kiln room for bisque firing
  • Review Project Proposals
  • Work on Final Project
  • Press plate progress


April 6

  • Work on Final

April 8

  • Work on Final
  • Work on Eport post for Final Project
  • Have Eport post for Potter Research Done by 5pm Friday April 7th



April 13

  • Work on final
  • LAST CLASSES to use wet clay.
    • There will be no clay for making forms after this class. If you are still building forms at this point your work will not make the final glaze kiln loading week.

April 15

  • Work on final
  • Glazing bisque work
  • Quiz #6: Firings and Glaze open on Moodle
  • LAST BISQUE KILN loaded Wednesday November 11th
    • If work is not bone dry at this point it will not be bisque fired.


April 20

  • Work on Final

April 22

  • Glaze final Projects
  • All work must be bisque to make the last Glaze fire to be loaded on Tuesday NOVEMBER 17TH.


April 27 & April 29

  • this is the last opportunity for glazing bisqued work
    • Eport discussions
  • Studio cleanup
    • remove all work, tools, boards, plastic, cups of slurry from shelves, and wipe down shelves with a wet sponge
    • general studio cleanup tasks as assigned
  • ONLINE DAY for your online day here is what to check on digitally:
  • Eport posts:
    • Historical Research project update: remembering back to this assignment did yu have any realizations in your Zoom breakout group? Update your post
    • Potter Research post
      • Does it meet the rubric posted in week 8? Better make sure!!
    • Project #1: Did you update your post with your glazed results?
    • Project #2: Texture Stamps
    • Project #3: Bowls (you can do a combined post of project #2 & #3)
      • Did you update with your glazed results?
    • Final Project: The post should be started! Do you have your timeline in it? Did your timeline change? Have you looked to see what your FINAL POST involves? Information is posted under our Final including WHEN the post is due!


  • FINALS: Tuesday November 24 on ZOOM from:
    • 8 – 10:30 AM
    • 11am-1:30pm


  • PLEASE do your course evals?? There were several planned and unplanned experiments for our classes this semester and I would appreciate your insights!
  • Eport post of Final project due posted WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 25 by 5pm. Compare and contrast your results from the work you were doing at mid semester with your final project while also documenting:
    • Project Description/assignment 
    • Ideation process 
    • Sketchbook/Drawings/images of inspiration 
    • Material Studies (works in process) 
    • Finished Pieces