Thesis II Syllabus

AR 4120 BFA Thesis II Spring 2018 

6 credits

Monday & Wednesday 8-11am @ Bagley House

FINAL: Wednesday May 16th 8-9:30am

Prof. Nick Sevigney

Cell phone: 401-524-0651


 Thesis II Course Description

This course is the second half of a year-long capstone experience.  Thesis II fosters the refinement of professional studio practice, the development of a coherent body of artwork, and investigations into career development.  The experience results in a professional exhibition and synopsis of the work created with emphasis on creating a lifelong, sustainable, and continued studio art practice.

Learning outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Develop and research ideas from Thesis I and follow through on developing a cohesive body of work.
  2. Prepare for exhibitions through self-promotion, marketing, and corresponding professional contracts.
  3. Continue self-discipline geared toward longevity of studio practice.
  4. Articulate, both verbally and in writing, the intentions and concepts in one’s work and others’.
  5. Continue to engage in research to expand their field of knowledge and contextualize their work in art historical and contemporary terms.
  6. Prepare for career development opportunities.


  • Initiative/preparation for class (appropriate planning, preparation of materials, use of space, including appropriate health and safety etc.) (10%)__________

Learning Outcome #’s 1 and 3

  • Research (researching topics and themes, artists and concepts) (10%) _________

Learning Outcome #’s 1, 3 and 5

  • Conceptual development (developing, clarifying and strengthening ideas; at the beginning of a piece and as the work develops) (10%)__________

Learning Outcome #’s 1, 3, 4 and 5

  • Understanding/use of formal issues (composition, general structural ideas, etc.) (10%)__________

Learning Outcome #’s 1, 3, and 5

  • Clearly articulating ideas, both verbal and written (artist statements, research paper, critiques, gallery talk, formal presentation etc.) (10%)_________

Learning Outcome #’s 2, 4 and 5

  • Participation in class discussions, contribution in critiques, engagement as a member of the class (10%)__________

Learning Outcome #’s 3 and 4

  • Creating a presence in the larger artistic community (documenting and exhibiting work, website development and maintenance, networking, investigating graduate schools, internships, residencies, employment etc.) (10%)___________

Learning Outcome #’s 2, 3 and 6

  • Effort/consistent work ethic, both in and out of class (20%)___________

Learning Outcome #’s 1 and 3

  • Presentation of work and practice of appropriate craft (following timetable for set up/break down of BFA Senior thesis exhibit, presentation of work and ideas ) (10%)____________

  Learning Outcome #’s 1, 3, 4 and 6




Monday 29

  • Studio cleanup and setup
  • Syllabus creation with deadlines, creation of a plan for install and de-install etc.

Wednesday 31

  • Work Review #1: This is our first discussion as a group after the Fall BFA review. After this we will be reviewing work every Monday you should plan to have a new piece and document it in some way on your sight. This needs to happen WEEKLY.
  • DoOO review


Monday 5

  • Choose a periodical article to discuss in class on Wednesday February 21st. The blog needs to be posted by Wednesday February 14th.  

Wednesday 7

  • Work Review #2
  • EPort Reviews. Wednesdays will be a time to review assignments and directions you are working on for your ePort. You need to start systematically working on documenting your work as it moves ahead. Having a regularly updated ePort will allow your peers to see what you are working on and thinking about. There will also be assignments you will be posting as we move ahead.

Monday 12

  • Working Crit

Wednesday 14

  • Winter Carnival

 Monday 19

  • Work Review #4 with Mary DiBurro

Wednesday 21

  • EPort Reviews.
  • Periodical blog review
  • John Anderson shoots photos at Bagley house 

Monday 26

  • EPort Reviews: Blog post:
    • a review of a blog, magazine article, video, and write a blog post about it. Its should be at least 400 words.
    • location photo by John Anderson
    • Artwork detail shots to Cynthia
    • Postcard Concept Due for Design Company for BFA Exhibit

Wednesday 28

  • Visiting Critic: Tom Driscoll.   


Monday 5

  • Work Review #6

Wednesday 7

  • EPort Reviews.
  • Space planning at MWM at 10am. 

Monday 12

  • Work review #7:Jeff De Blois ’06, Assistant Curator at the ICA/Boston
      10-11-am – Meet with BFA students
      11-12pm – Critiques
      12-1pm – Curatorial lunch with Museum staff and SEC
      1-3pm – More critiques
      4pm – Public lecture on Art in the Age of the Internet

Wednesday 14

  • Exhibit Plan draft due to MWM, name, bio, photo of you, photos of work

Monday 19


Wednesday 21


Monday 26

  • Work Review #8: MWM Director Cynthia Robinson
  • Final exhibit plan, artist statement, installation plan, loan forms due to MWM

Wednesday 28

  • Review work to be installed.


Monday 2

  • Installation of works in MWM 8am-5pm April 2-6
    • 8am sharp at MWM

Wednesday 4

  • Continue Installation of exhibit

Monday 9

  • Exhibit Review 8am sharp
    • review on websites:
      • CV
      • Artist Statement
      • Bio
      • images

Wednesday 11

  • Practice for opening reception
    • talking points
    • presentation
  • Boston trip itinerary for Saturday April 14th
    • leave D&M @ 8am
    • MassArt tour 10:30
    • MFA
      • lunch
    • ICA
    • dinner on road or…

Monday 16

Wednesday 18

  • Gallery Talk prep with Sarah Parish 8-9 @ BFA Bagley
  • EPort Reviews to ensure they correspond to exhibit

Monday 23

  • Work Review #11

Wednesday 25

  • Professional presentation practices
    • resumes
    • job interviews
  • EPort Reviews
    • Katie Martel will discuss web hosting options and transferring data from PSU server/DoOO
    • moving your website from PSU to your own domain

Monday 30

  • Work Review #12 @ MWM to look at Exhibit


Wednesday 2

  • Plan for deinstall at MWM to start
  • FINAL: EPort Reviews.
    • discuss setting up “shop”

Monday 7

  • Deinstall of BFA Studio Exhibit

Wednesday 9

  • Bagley breakdown and clean out