Commence the balancing act!!

It is already week 4 of the semester! After all the course prep work, school starting back up for our son, and other happenings in life I am back in the studio. I’m glad to be working with the BFA Thesis 1 class this year and looking forward to what they investigate and make. This is about the time in the semester I have to “knuckle up” and get a schedule for myself in place. Added pressure is working towards a deadline of a firing at the Carolina Pottery on November 16th. Here’s a pic from the last firing:


I’ll need to have work bisqued and ready for transport so it can get loaded into the kiln on the 16th. I’m making a goal of one piece a day until then. They will be cups and yunomi so I don’t get bogged down in complexities of internal plumbing with the more complex devices. I’m only giving myself an hour to work on each one. Here’s the second piece in progress after 45 minutes:

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