Tips for Writing the Paper

AR1065 Foundations 3D


For the assignment, students are asked to find 2 articles on a given sculptor. There are these limitations:
1. work of sculpture may be of any form (figures or objects)
2. artist must be alive
3. work of sculpture must be no older than 10 years
4. articles must be “significant” (i.e. more than short reviews of a show)
5. articles are limited to those from ARTnews or Art in America or Sculpture.
6. student must attach copies of the 2 articles
7. use MLA or Chicago style in paper

NOTE: students should browse through the print issues of these 3 journals for recent years.
Please note: There is an online LibGuide on the library website for this assignment. Go to “Select a Course” and use down arrow to choose AR1065 Art Foundations.


PLAN A: Browse print copies of Sculpture, Art in America, and/or ARTnews. Print copies of these journals are all on the compact shelves on the Lower Level (just outside Writing Center), in alphabetical order by TITLE. The current issue of each is on the slant shelves of the Browsing Journals, across from the Info Desk. When you have chosen a sculptor and wish to find additional articles in one of the 3 assigned journals, search the Art Full Text database (connect by clicking the “Library Databases” link under the basics search box on the Library website).
Sample Search of Art Full Text by artist name (limited to the 3 assigned journals):
lastname, firstname [in] AT Artist & Work
[AND] “art in america” OR artnews OR sculpture [in] SO Journal Name [Note: Put quotes around
“art in america”; artnews is one word]

PLAN B: Search Art Full Text database by topic, limiting results to the three required journals.
Here is a sample search:
“20th century sculpture” OR “21st century sculpture” [in] SU Subject
[AND] “art in america” or artnews or sculpture [in] SO Journal Name [Note: Put quotes around
“art in america”; artnews is one word]
Then, scroll down to “Search Options” and limit Publication Date from October, 2007 – October, 2017
Then change Document Type to “Article”; click the Search button
This search will get you about 144 articles; click on “Full Text” at left and you will get about 121. (Note: Some of these may be in Sculpture Review or Sculpture Journal – not Sculpture; so be careful!)

Art in America is indexed and available in FT on Academic Search Premier (2002-present). It is also indexed on Art Full Text and some of the articles on this database will be available in full text (2002-present). Lamson owns this in paper from 1971 – present.
ARTnews [one word] is indexed on Art Full Text and on Academic Search Premier, but it is NOT available in Full Text on either database. Lamson has paper from 1956 – present.
Sculpture is indexed on Art Full Text (from 1994 to the present). Most of the articles are available in full text (from 1999 to the present). It is NOT indexed on Academic Search Premier. Lamson owns paper from 1987 – present. You can browse through back issues on the Website for Sculpture magazine, but articles are NOT available there in Full Text. Journal Website is at:
Compiled by Gary McCool, revised 10-12-2017