Digital 3D Modeling

3D Modeling with ReCap Photo Pro

Materials and Meaning

What are the possibilities?

Step 1.  How to make a 3D digital model:

We will use Autodesk ReCap Photo and Meshmixer for this.  Both programs are available on the PC computers at the Library 031 OpenLab in the basement.

You can also download Recap Photo on your PC (sorry Mac users!) and Meshmixer (PC and Mac!)

You will need to create a Autodesk account for this.  It is free! Go to this site and Download a copy of ReCap Pro Photo

  • Go to Education Community Home
  • Click – Get free software (left side menu)
  • Now click- Free software (upper tool bar left side)
  • Then-See All products (lower right
  • Find ReCap Pro and click on it.
  • Create a new account by following the prompt’s and download ReCap.
  • (You need to use your Plymouth email to get the free student price!)
  • You will also need to down load Meshmixer 3.0.  Also Free!

Here is a guide to get your photos into the ReCap Photo to make a 3D mesh:

Save your files at each step!

Step 2.  Take your saved mesh and put it in MeshMixer to change it.

Introduction to Meshmixer:

Using Meshmixer 101 and how to combine different meshes:

Meshmixer Manual This has lots of pretty clear directions in it so if you get lost this will help a lot.  Take a look at what is here before you spend too much time trying to figure out stuff yourself.

Step 3.  Once you combine your digital object with the primitives in Meshmixer into a dynamic form you need to prepare your model to print and send it to the printer: Follow these steps


10% Recap photo object or imported object not available in Meshmixer

20% Printed object due at Final

  • must have 3 forms combined in some way
  • manipulate the form with tools in Meshmixer
  • look at the object from all angles as the viewer will

30% Eport of project

40% Create a dynamic 3d printed object that incorporates a minimum of 3 shapes (one from Recap that you created, one from Thingyverse, one from meshmixer)