BFA Thesis I Fall Schedule



Wednesday 6 

  • Bagley BFA Studio setup 
  • Domain of Ones Own (DoOO) setup directions can be found here. 
  • Look at Plymouth Create Support here for resources and help. 
  • EPort should be “live” by Monday Sept 18th      

Monday 11 

  • Discuss and plan “Back at It” exhibit
    • Sept 18th-6th opening reception Wednesday the 20th from 4-6pm.
    • MWM exhibit 4-6pm 
  • Review DoOO and discuss.  
  • Fieldtrip planning and scheduling 

Wednesday 13 

  • Work Review #1: these reviews are meant to jump start your process for making so that by mid semester you will have 5 new pieces. Every Wednesday you should plan to have a new piece and document it in some way on your ePort.   

Monday 18 

  • EPort Reviews. Mondays will be a time to review assignments and directions you are working on for you ePort. You need to start systematically working on documenting your work as it moves ahead. Having a regularly updated ePort will allow your peers to see what you are working on and thinking about. There will also be assignments you will be posting as we move ahead.  You need to have posted in your ePort:
    • create “about blurb”
    • images of work
    • studio hours so faculty can make appointments and visit
      • potentially purchase domain through

Wednesday 20 

  • Work Review #2  

Monday 25 

  • EPort Reviews. 
  • Discuss Theory Toolbox article on Ideology
  • Review First assigned posting

Wednesday 27 

  • Work Review #3 



Monday 2 

  • Talk Walkabout Wednesday plans
  • Make contacts for work discussions and make appointments by Monday October 9th
  • EPort Reviews. 
  • Read: Jim Collins & Jerry I Porras; Building Your Company’s Vision
    • What is a core ideology, core purpose, core values, and vision?
    • What are the five whys?

Wednesday 4 

  • individual critiques
  • Work Review #4 

Monday 9 

  • NO CLASS. Indigenous People’s Day.   

Wednesday 11 

  • Work Review #5: Sarah Parrish visiting critic 

Monday 16 

  • EPort Reviews. 
    • Written Assignment #2 given: Macro Artist Statement
      • Due Monday October 23rd
    • Review Blog Assignment #1 in class
  • Look at potential field trip stop off points

Wednesday 18 

  • Mid Semester review of works created to date and discuss Macro Artist Statement 

Monday 23 

  • Review Assignment #2 in class: give comments to BFAmily online.

Wednesday 25 

  • Work Review #6 @ Kiosks.  

Monday 30 

  • EPort Reviews.
    • Blog Post on Boston Trip due at the end of class. Use your personal voice to create a discussion about what you did, or did not see, in Boston.   


 Wednesday 1 

  • Work Review #7: Dr. Richard Hunnewell as visiting critic
    • periodical assignment: Choose a periodical to write about on you blog.  

Monday 6

  •  Eport progress review:
    • Blogs:
      • Ideology & Artist
      • Macro Artist Statement
      • Periodical
      • Boston trip
    • Works:
      • All works to Date posted
    • Social Media Feeds?

Wednesday 8 

  •  Work Day: Nick talks individually with BFA crew. 

Monday 13 

  •  Work review #8: Kristin Horan as visiting critic

Wednesday 15 

  •  Ian & Caity present a reading and post blogs

Monday 20 

  •  Work Review #9:

Wednesday 22 

  • Turkey Day Break – no class 

Monday 27 

  •  Rob & Julia present a reading and post blogs

Wednesday 29 

  •  Work day and individual meetings with Nick  


Monday 4 

  •  10:30 meeting at MWM to discuss BFA exhibit
  • Artist Statement draft 2: include process, personal, past statement 

Wednesday 6 

  •  Review all post blogs
    • refine websites
  • Walkabout Wednesday?
  • 5 minute work review.critique

Monday 11 

  • FINALIZED WEBSITE to be sent out to faculty
  • schedule reviews and rooms
  • Artist statement draft 2 review
  • Work Review #10:
    • Discuss presentation strategies for BFA review 

Wednesday 13 

  • What to present for review
  • practice 5 minute review presentation
  • format and review artist statements

BFA Studio Faculty REVIEW: FRIDAY DECEMBER 15th 9-4